Global Information Systems and Safe Software Announce Partnership

on 05/03/2018 2:57 PM

Global Information Systems, LLC and Safe Software Announce a Software Partnership that Solves Data Headaches for Pipeline Operators
Global Information Systems, the makers of GForms®, and Safe Software, the makers of FME®, announced today a software partnership that will simplify the time-consuming work faced by oil and gas pipeline operators. Global Information Systems extensive team of developers has spent more than a year adapting FME to automate monotonous, routine tasks faced by operators. Among them:
  • Repeatable automated data migrations: Companies acquiring new assets can use the software to integrate disparate enterprise systems, saving thousands of hours of employees’ time.
  • Data validation and quality control: The software can automatically conduct documentation reviews, such as drawing standard checks, and either validate or flag issues for review by personnel.
  • Data synchronization: Rather than spend time, money and effort combining different systems into a single behemoth and retraining a workforce, the software connects each unique system, so your data works for you.
  • Reporting and analytics: Oil and gas employees today output thousands of documents daily into document types, such as spreadsheets, to prepare required reports. Now those reports can be generated automatically and be accompanied by insightful analytics, so employees will spend less time formatting and more time addressing critical issues.
“Oil and gas companies spend inordinate amounts of time just trying to get their arms around their mountains of data,” said C.J. Warwas, Director of Customer Service for Global Information Systems. “Our work with Safe Software simplifies how you connect with your data, so you can easily and quickly access exactly what you need to make decisions.”
For over 20 years, FME has been trusted by oil & gas and pipeline companies to integrate automate and deliver business and compliance information. “We want to help users transform and free their data. Global Information Systems’ innovative thinking, and partner-client focus allows us to continue pursuing that goal,” said Sonia Hobbs, VP, Business Development & Strategy. “We look forward to the exciting possibilities that this partnership will create.”
About Global Information Systems, LLC
Since 2006, Global Information Systems has been providing innovation-focused, seasoned expertise in pipeline integrity services and construction performance management for its partner-clients. Domains of expertise include applications and database development; GIS and CAD; materials verification and pipeline data modeling; real-time data integration, analysis, dash-boarding and reporting of both construction and integrity actives. Our programs focus on people, process and technology to drive innovation and performance. The Global team is committed to bringing solutions that help our clients drive efficiency through all phases of a project from planning and budgeting, through engineering, construction, commissioning, and operations. For more details on the spectrum of services Global Information Systems offers, please visit
About Safe Software
Safe Software is the maker of FME and global leader in spatial data transformation. FME connects data between 400+ formats including GIS, CAD, database, tabular, BIM, 3D, point cloud / LiDAR, raster, XML, and cloud. With FME’s intuitive interface, users create automated workflows that can extract, transform, load, integrate, validate, and share data, without writing code. Desktop, server, and cloud deployment options save time and money on any size project. Since 1993, FME has helped thousands of customers worldwide leverage their data so it can be used exactly where, when, and how it’s needed. Learn more at
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