Rail Services

At Global Information Systems, we’re all about data. From collecting new data, to conversion of old records into digital format, to analysis and reporting, we can help you streamline your railroad’s information needs.



With RailForms™, you can collect data through custom forms that you design yourself. While connected to the internet, data is stored automatically to a host database. Data collected when no internet is available is cached and synchronized later when a connection is available.

Train Simulator Support

Global uses GPS data collectors and integrated Video/GPS systems to collect track and facility data to support state of the art train simulators.

Records Conversion

Information from paper documents can be very valuable assets, especially as employees with institutional knowledge retire. Global mines data from all types of documents, such as timetables, track charts, and valuation plans, to build enterprise databases for a variety of railroad applications.

GIS Development

Global has built GIS databases and systems for railroads throughout the country. With expert GIS Analysts and GIS Software Developers, we can meet any need for stand-alone or web-based deployments.


Route Risk Calculation

Global developed and administers a hazmat rail route risk analysis program used by dozens of railroads.

Grade Crossing Analysis

Using our data collection and GIS tools, Global prepares highway grade crossing analyses to help you maintain your submittals to the US DOT National Grade Crossing Inventory. From coordinates to minimum site angles, we can assist you in providing timely and accurate data.

Custom GIS Software

Global’s software development team is experienced with a wide variety of custom software development, including integration with AED systems and RailInc rail data reporting systems. We also offer web-based logistic management software that can be tailored to your specific needs.


Track Charts

Global can produce new track charts automatically from your railroad’s facilities database. And if you have existing track charts in a CAD system, we can provide expert CAD technicians to update and enhance them.

Real Estate Plans

Using GIS, Global can help you maintain accurate plans of your real estate holdings. Using GIS analysis, reports of holdings by jurisdiction can be produced to ensure accurate taxation. This data can also support lease and sales programs to maximize revenue.

Custom Maps

Whether you need maps to depict land use and zoning along your route, or maps for public hearings on proposed development, the professionals at Global are ready to assist you.