3D Asset Management

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3D Asset Management

Capture, manage and analyze high-resolution asset data. Global Information Systems provides best of breed technology and services to build incredibly accurate digital models of your assets that can be used to efficiently operate, manage and keep your assets in compliance.

The need to capture and manage critical facility asset data is on the rise in an increasingly onerous regulatory environment and in the face of aging assets. What was once a daunting, seemingly impossible task is now easily within reach using modern technologies.
The use of 3D laser Scanning to take a photo realistic, engineering accurate snapshot of your assets provides an incredibly accurate and cost-effective way to capture the reality of your assets.
This is an amazing technology, but the real value of this system comes from using the snapshot to create 3D models, or digital-twins, of your assets that contain operational intelligence. These models can be used to maintain, analyze and report on asset type, location, status and condition. Using state of the art processes and tools, we can seamlessly and quickly build a model of the asset from the laser scan data and add layers of intelligence into the model.
Imagine a 3D model wherein every piece of pipe, valve, fitting and even weld knows what diameter, grade, ANSI Class, wall thickness, coating, inspection circuit or pressure zone it is on. Additionally, by creating a 3D CAD model of the facility, 2D CAD drawings will no longer need to be maintained. They can be generated from the 3D model on demand. The days of updating entire mechanical drawing sets for every project are over. These models can also be integrated with other data management systems, e.g. document management, to create direct TVC record associations that can be retrieved with a click.
Once an intelligent model of the facility has been developed, this model and all accompanying intelligence can be loaded into an enterprise GIS system bringing to bear the power of geolocation and web publishing.
High-resolution digital asset management can provide value for departments across an organization by enabling accurate and timely decision making, supporting regulatory compliance and increasing operational effectiveness.