GDOT Calculator Suite


GDOT Class & HCA is a full-service tool designed to simplify and expedite DOT Class and HCA identification and change detection. With broad database compatibility, userspecified tracking, analysis tools, and configurable parameters for routine calculations, GDOT is your answer for Class and HCA requirements.

Our robust suite of analysis tools and reporting functions allow users to review, analyze, accept, and integrate Class and/or HCA changes. A user specified set of lines or line types, calculation parameters, and base or comparison project can be processed to determine and compare calculation results. Areas of change are automatically identified for review in graphical or tabular reports.


Product Highlights

  • Simplify Your Workflow: With GDOT Class & HCA Module, Sliding Mile and Cluster Class calculations are consistent with 49 CFR 192.5 and 192.905, respectively. Calculations can be performed interactively with a graphical user interface or in a batch mode for hands-off processing.
  • Easy Tracking and Review: Calculation parameters include: zone length and width, class and HCA density thresholds, gas factor, and controlling structure methods like perpendicular offset or arc intersection. These parameters default to regulatory specifications, but can be easily configured for what -if scenarios. Areas of change, change factors, calculation results, Potential Impact Radius (PIRs), structure listings, and user-specified parameters are stored in the database for simple retrieval, reporting, and review.
  • Fully Integrated: No need to change your database model. Our software operates directly in APDM, UPDM, PODS Spatial and custom database models.

GDOT Compliance Suite Modules

  • Class & HCA
  • GDOTRM (Run Manager)
  • GDOTMOC (Management of Change Workflow)
  • GDOTSV (Structure Verification)