Project Packager


Project Packager™ streamlines the project management report effort and allows information to be distributed throughout your organization to provide visibility into active and historic projects. Designed with ease of use in mind. Project Packager™ is configurable, and can work in a connected or disconnected environment allowing project members to deliver projects with supporting documentation from the office or from the field. It is an adaptable, easy to use project tool that ensures accountability as well as traceable, verifiable and complete project documentation.


Project Packager™ promotes the consistent delivery and tracking of projects of any size and scope across an enterprise in a simple to use web-based interface. Each user of Project Packager™ is given a designated role for each project, which includes update and modify functions for their piece of the project package. The gatekeeper function prevents a project from getting ahead of key dependencies. The centralization of Project Packager™ on the web provides advanced charting and dashboarding; defined and specified as the project leader wants.

Using Global’s unique form technology, information gathered on a project package can be mined to provide detailed analysis of a project in any method required. Data can be exposed, exported, and integrated into other systems using the Project Packager Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


Project Packager™ is designed to associate documents to individual tasks or to a complete project ensuring integrity of the entire project management process. Roles-based permissions allows it to route and notify project members of user defined events that can affect project timeline, completeness, or scope. Workflows range from simple one step approval processes to detailed routing for even multi-year projects. The integrated workflow and document management set Project Packager™ apart as a simple, easy to use tool to ensure projects are delivered complete and as planned.

  • Collaboration: Seamless project tracking across the entire team
  • Notifications: Custom notification on critical project events
  • Portfolio Management: Centralized program management
  • Document Management: Track & attach documents with specific tasks
  • Workflow: Customized to your processes
  • Reporting & Analysis: Chart and report based tracking