Project Pulse™

Know the progress of all your projects in real-time in one place.

  • Work smarter
  • Understand performance sooner
  • Make decisions faster
  • Create transparency into projects
  • Come in on schedule & under budget
  • Keep stakeholders informed
  • Standardize project processes

Project Pulse™ is a real-time construction project management and performance solution. Built to unify people, processes, and technology, Project Pulse™ brings the actual project progress and status from the field to project management and executive offices. Project Pulse™ provides users unprecedented ability to monitor and control their construction projects.

By leveraging the capability of a tablet in the field, the construction teams in the field can:

  • Update daily project progress
  • Document field and weather conditions
  • Track personnel and equipment on the job site
  • Complete daily inspection forms
  • Conduct quality checks and comment on non-compliant findings
  • Conduct job safety analysis and safety assessments
  • Take photos with the ability to sketch and add notes on the image
  • Complete Land Acquisition forms

Web/office users have role defined dashboards with the ability to be customized to meet their needs. Web users are now connected to the field users. All the information and pho-tos collected on the tablet in the field is now at your fingertips on the web. Web users will:

  • View Executive Dashboards that provide insight into your project like never before
  • Review and approve/reject individual inspector’s daily reports
  • Publish daily summary reports
  • Publish weekly summary reports
  • View project Safety, Quality, Productivity, and Cost (SQPC) KPIs
  • View safety dashboard and sort through safety concerns to drive safety campaigns
  • Send push notifications to field personnel