Esri Honors Williams Pipeline and Global Information Systems for Groundbreaking Upgrade

on 07/23/2020 3:55 PM

Project Implemented PODS 7 with Esri’s Utility Network

JULY 17, 2020 — LEXINGTON, KY —Global Information Systems has received Esri’s prestigious Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award for the implementation of a best-of-breed GIS platform that consolidated three pipeline systems into one for Williams Pipeline as part of its GIS 2.0 Project. This implementation leveraged Esri’s Utility Network technology and was the first of its kind to use Utility Network for transmission and gathering pipelines, as well as the first to combine the Utility Network with PODS 7 (NextGen). This project not only consolidated and streamlined Williams GIS, it strongly positioned Williams for the future by incorporating Esri’s technology roadmap.

The Plague of Too Many Platforms

Prior to GIS 2.0, Williams managed its geospatial asset data across five databases and multiple database platforms. This fragmentation resulted in the following:

  • Redundant processes for loading and managing similar data
  • Excessive software packages to support identical business processes
  • Challenges effectively reporting and analyzing information
  • User confusion related to multiple databases and duplicative applications

The lack of data integration diminished the value of the GIS data and made it difficult and costly to support. By consolidating and modernizing the Williams GIS platform and data, GIS 2.0 eliminated redundant business processes and tools, increased the accuracy and value of reports and analysis coming from the GIS, and dramatically reduced long-term support and maintenance costs of the GIS.

Project Objectives

GIS 2.0 aimed to implement a single, authoritative GIS for Williams by creating a common database and migrating all GIS data to a central repository. Global Information Systems consolidated and modernized all GIS applications, processes, and tools to work with the new data platform. The new system offers:

  • An authoritative, consolidated geospatial database
  • Standardized data management processes
  • Standardized regulatory reporting
  • A reduced set of third-party applications
  • Modernized applications to support new database standards
  • An authoritative set of GIS map services, web maps, ETL jobs, and system integrations
  • A well-trained GIS workforce

“Global Information Systems is proud to have partnered with Williams Pipeline for its transformational GIS 2.0 Project,” said Global Information Systems Vice President Eric Klein. “Successful projects that involve this many industry firsts don’t happen very often and require an incredible amount of teamwork and partnership to execute.”

Added Paul Huskins, Senior Manager of GIS, at Williams: “Global was an invaluable partner in ensuring the GIS 2.0 project was a success. Their technical expertise and pipeline experience were an excellent complement to our internal capabilities.”

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