Work Management


The Work Management module of Project Pulse™ was designed to assist pipeline oper-ators to effectively manage maintenance on their assets without the overhead of a complex Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM).

The Work Management Module integrates with your GIS system to import pipeline and facility data allowing for work orders to be assigned to those assets. In addition, non-fixed assets such as vehicles and equipment can be created within the as-set interface.

Work Management also allows for employee data to be imported to facilitate automatic intelligent work order assignment – assign work orders to the appropriate employee based upon their work code and location.

Using an intuitive interface, managers define maintenance schedules that include configurable parameters including recurrence and notifications.

Once schedules are defined, managers can apply assets to them. Next, the Work Management module assigns a work order for scheduled work and distributes it to the appropriate employee. Finally, information input by the employee while performing the scheduled work is automatically uploaded to the Project Pulse™ database via integrated GForms® functionality. Work orders can then be queried by asset to view completed and historical work.

  • Create maintenance and inspection schedules
  • Receive notifications for work deadlines
  • Assign inspection & maintenance work orders to assets
  • Manage work schedules for employees
  • Track both Fixed Assets & Equipment
  • Query maintenance history on an asset