Global Reporter®


As today’s Oil & Gas Operators continue to grow through both expansion and acquisition, the need for system integrity and compliance reporting across these systems becomes increasingly complex. Meanwhile, the regulatory demand for information is becoming pro-gressively more onerous. Attempting to group together all the information needed for re-porting from disconnected systems is a daunting and time-consuming task. The results of these endeavors are often confusing, not easily traceable, and arrive too late for adequate scrutiny.

Originally designed to afford operators the independence to build and publish their own reports, Global Reporter™ has evolved into an exceptionally flexible tool for effective and traceable cross-platform reporting in real time. Global Reporter™ can simultaneously que-ry across multiple Oracle and MS SQL Server instances without ever jeopardizing data in-tegrity to deliver complex reports from live data at the press of a button.

Global Reporter™ encourages more interactive data analysis by overcoming the standard inflexibilities of traditional reports. Your data is automatically and safely captured from static formats and translated into dynamic reports that you configure and control.

Experience data review like never before with a user-driven system that facilitates safe access across organizational data sets and leverages intuitive charts that effectively trans-late raw data into usable information on demand.

  • Leverage system-wide data safety with cross-platform reports & KPIs.
  • Get all your reports in real time & share them on the web or export them with ease.
  • Build reports to run upon request & publish them for review.
  • Publish reports as templates for use & modification.
  • Auto-generate FERC & PHMSA compliance reports.
  • Perform dynamic segmentation for pipe segments & other reports on demand.