Software for Construction Management

As expert developers of software for construction and project management, Global Information Systems, headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, has created a full suite of software for numerous functions.  Over the years we have built a team of highly talented, experienced, respected staff that has built upon their talents to create state-of-the-art software tools for the industry.  If you are seeking software for construction management or other applications and project types, you will find that Project Pulse is the most comprehensive product on the market.

Project Pulse, our next generation web portal, is utilized by managers and stakeholders everywhere to plan, track, visualize, audit and close out various types of projects including pipeline construction and integrity related projects.  We have created a user friendly application that can be integrated with GForms® iOS, that is utilized for daily operational documentation, integrating with advanced dash boarding and reporting.  With Project Pulse, your company will have the ability to daily collect your project activity data and track progress with mapping functionality for locations and status.

Additionally, Global's Project Packager™ application integrates with Project Pulse to create the go-to software solution for construction management. Project Pulse streamlines the effort by distributing information appropriately throughout your system. Project Pulse is configurable to meet your needs and broadly appreciated throughout industry as it functions in both connected and disconnected environments, making it a great tool for work from the office or the field and keeping the project on a cost-effective time line.  Project leadership is able to define and dashboard specific to a project.  Project Packager™ is an easy-to-use product that collects and tracks document gathering. Project Packager™ is designed to associate documents to individual tasks or to a complete project, ensuring integrity of the entire project management process.

Project Pulse utilizes a standard project management hierarchy with a reporting engine that intuitively drills down and reports on each stage of construction project management. Project Pulse with its real time data will ensure that you have the proper documentation needed at each phase of a project.

Global Information Systems' software expertise has resulted in the creation of a full suite of products for construction management. When it comes to software for construction management, the technology utilized in Project Pulse will accurately assist data collection, visualize your data and help to organize your construction management through every phase: clearing, grading, trenching, stringing, lowering in, backfill, restoration and more. Additionally, the Project Pulse software portal reporting engine incorporates intuitive drill-down reporting on each phase of pipeline and facility construction and integrity activity.

Contact Global Information Systems and our experienced team will assist you in your quest for software for construction management. Oil and gas pipeline construction and other forms of industrial construction are highly regulated and Global Information Systems has built Project Pulse, software for construction management, to assist your navigation through this work.  Our commitment to product excellence and the best in customer service will, as we say at Global, enable you to keep your finger on the Pulse of your project.