Pipeline Software

Global Information Systems (GIS) has been providing the pipeline industry with software products and services since 2006.  Our expertise in software development, coupled with our commitment to excellent customer service, delivers our clients the tools needed to conduct and grow business.  All of our software includes one-on-one consultation with the team at GIS.  Over the last decade we have assembled a great team of professionals with an in-depth knowledge of our software and the pipeline industry.

GIS has developed pipeline software for several categories of pipeline and facility construction, operation and maintenance.  Our experienced staff understands the real issues faced on various levels in your pipeline business:  operators, managers and executive team.  Our software solutions can assist you in the critical function of asset and facility data collection, management and storage.

  • GForms-® is a streamlining pipeline software that allows you to integrate your field and office work seamlessly.  Wherever your field team is working, connected or disconnected, it can gather pipeline data that flawlessly synchronizes with the GForms® Master Application when connectivity is established.  The next assignment for a field technician is as simple as opening an inbox where the forms have been prepped and await completion.  This is a system that works efficiently and accurately for the field technician as well as management in your office.            

GForms® Form Designer gives you the resources you need to customize your own forms or select a template from GForms® Pipeline Template Library.  Once you have your template ready and linked to your corporate data, you are ready to trigger your work flow to a designated set of users. Gforms® value to the user is enhanced with its ability to interface with other software and database management systems.

The GForms® Web Portal has capacity to monitor work processes in real time, access data, investigate trends and generate statistics and reports with an attractive GForms® dashboard.

  • GDOT Calculator is a software tool that is designed to simplify and expedite DOT Class and HCA identification and change detection. This sophisticated, user friendly pipeline software with analysis tools and reporting functions of GDOT will simplify your work flow, provide easy tracking and review and will fully integrate with your data base model. Global Information Systems GDOT pipeline software allows you to calculate with parameters for standard configurations and what-if scenarios.
  • Project Pulse is a comprehensive pipeline software created by Global Information Systems. It is a simple, easy-to-use application that can plan, track, visualize, audit and close out pipeline construction and integrity related projects in real time. Project Pulse is authentically the next generation Web Portal. Pulse will allow your company to track location and status of all activities in real time while utilizing the latest in technology to track progress from start to finish. With or without internet connection at the site, this software keeps your reporting and recording on schedule.  Your company will find Project Pulse pipeline software to exceed any other project management software in the market.
  • Global Reporter is pipeline software that simplifies the onerous task of recording and reporting across connected and disconnected pipeline systems.  As oil and gas operators continue to expand and acquire systems, system integrity and compliance reporting are complex tasks.  Reporting requirements are significant and compiling data from disconnected systems is daunting and time-consuming.  Global Reporter is your software solution. Global Reporter will automatically capture your data and generate reports you can configure and control. It can auto-generate FERC and PHMSA compliance reports. Your company will benefit from the reporting with intuitive charts that will translate raw data into usable information.

Discover the professionalism, the consistency, accuracy and simplicity of  the full suite of pipeline software developed by Global Information Systems.  Members of our experienced team are available to discuss the many ways in which Global and your company can successfully partner.