Pipeline GIS

GIS (Geographic Information System) is a vital tool for data creation, analysis, maintenance and storage in the pipeline industry.  At Global Information Systems, the pipeline industry is able to access a full range of GIS-related software and services, providing our clients a full platform with which to conduct their projects. GIS assists organizations in a variety of pipeline operations such as pipeline planning, with consideration to locational factors like terrain, soil type and population, as well as pipe type and material, pipeline use, and environmental impact.

Pipeline GIS also aids in the determination of pipeline appropriateness, safety, economy and efficiency, and helps to calculate solutions upfront to complicated pipeline considerations such as operational, integrity and risk challenges. Pipeline GIS has become the industry standard with a proven return on investment across all stages of the pipeline business. The use of mobile technology has simplified the use of GIS in any setting. 

At Global Information Systems we are committed to transforming the use of GIS with its potential in a variety of operations. Founded in 2006, the professionals at Global Information Systems ensure a successful project by employing over 100 years of combined pipeline data knowledge.  Pipeline GIS is the foundation of at Global Information Systems' operations, and we leverage this powerful technology by dissecting traditional workflows and streamlining tasks throughout the entire pipeline organization. 

Pipeline GIS plays a major role in the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of pipeline integrity.  As such, you will find the tools developed at Global Information Systems that organize and update data so that this critical information is at your fingertips providing  information you need for operating and managing the pipe.

From environmental impact to construction logistics, cutting-edge pipeline GIS tools developed by the experts at Global Information Systems provide an information network assisting the pipeline industry to plan, anticipate and design with the right road map, resulting in an end solution that meets the needs of the client, environmental concerns and regulatory compliance.  With development of software specific to the pipeline industry and the range of consulting services available to our clients, including Advanced Esri and FME resources, in an industry that is complicated and  highly regulated, Global Information Systems is a highly recognized and respected partner in the pipeline industry. We have assembled a team of experts who provide a range of valued resources. As we consult with our clients one-on-one, knowing that no two companies or projects are alike, we can assist to develop solutions with which our customers will be completely satisfied.