Pipeline Data Model

Global Information Systems' latest innovation for the pipeline transmission industry is the ATLAS Platform. While maintaining Global's goal of simplicity, this software models pipeline assets with a simple architecture, using connectivity rules to maintain data quality while allowing for easy situational tracing and flow analysis.  Having gained broad expertise through the years, the professionals at Global have designed pipeline data model software to perform the complex function of data reporting for third party applications and data analysis.

The ATLAS Platform has distinguished itself in the field of pipeline software by collecting the right data – avoiding the collection of unnecessary data collected by other pipeline software -  and reducing the overhead expense traditionally associated with other software tools.  ATLAS Platform also cooperates with cross vendor pipeline data models. Global is sensitive to the needs of your business:  accuracy, simplicity, comprehensiveness and cost-effectiveness are at the core of what you do.  The innovative Atlas Platform addresses these mandates. 

The ATLAS Platform has the ability to work with your existing tools, minimizing the issue of adaptability. Atlas will work with any GIS software. ATLAS will work with any model to capture your data and operators can implement ATLAS alongside AutoCAD Map, ArcGIS or OpenGIS.

The ATLAS Platform is recognized for its vendor neutrality, giving access to information to stakeholders as well as a fully vested public. This solution is able to operate independent of corporate interests. Its' side-by-side work with other systems and its' ease of integration allow for a timely transition to this model.  Because of the ease with which ATLAS works alongside existing workflows, there is no interruption of data collection during integration of this system.

An additional element that provides an easy transition to the ATLAS Platform pipeline data model is that operators are not required to have any solution-specific hardware.  Users are able to maneuver this with GPS devices, tablets and location-aware phones, eliminating hardware cost and transitional challenges with new equipment.

Our pipeline industry experts at Global Information Systems are some of the best in the country and offer a collective wealth of experience in the field and in the management of pipeline data.  Recognizing the complexity of the oil and gas pipeline industry and the highly regulated environment in which it operates, our skill for creating excellent solutions is widely known and appreciated throughout the business.

The oil and gas pipeline industry values the Global design philosophy that simplicity is integral to technological solutions.  This will unveil itself to you as you review our ATLAS Platform pipeline data model and the Global full suite of software solutions and services.  Global couples its' creative excellence with its' passion to deliver the best in customer experience.  Our team is ready to speak with you and demonstrate how our solutions can work for your company.  With our combination of industry and product knowledge, you will recognize the value of a partnership between Global and your company as together we seek the right solutions for your business.