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DUG EastJune 3-5
Pittsburgh, PA
FME International User ConferenceJune 10-13
ESRI User ConferenceJuly 14-18
San Diego, CA
Complete service solutions and configurable software products
We specialize in software development and support, database implementation, GIS As-Builting, CADD-GIS integration, and expert consulting and CADD services.
Our products and services have been instrumental in facilitating change in Engineering, Operations, and Integrity Management within the pipeline transmission industry. Our team of experts is focused on customer service and will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Please contact us today for more information on how Global Information Systems can help minimize costs while increasing efficiency, communication, and access to your information.
Software Solutions
Discover useful tools to help your company collect data, calculate Class and HCA, and manage business workflows.
Field Data Solutions
Custom Development
Engineering Applications
Cloud Services
Web Solutions
Consulting Services
With 130+ years of experience, we are experts in database development, enterprise integration, regulatory compliance, and project management.
Advanced ArcGIS
Support & Development
Enterprise Integration
Database Development
Strategic Planning
Project Managment
Regulatory Compliance
PHMSA Audit Support
Geospatial Analysis
We put data to work for you with construction completion packages, As-Builts, Spatial & Relational data analysis, and queries.
Custom Maps
Mapping Services
Construction Completion Packages
Spatial & Relational Data Analysis
On-Site Analysts & Technicians
Data Updates & Queries
Design & Drafting
We help your company stay in compliance with updated mechanical, electrical and civil drawings, facility walkdowns, and CADD-GIS integration.
AutoCAD and Microstation Drafting
Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Design & Drafting
Facility Walk-Downs
CAD Conversion
Design Drawing Mainenance
CADD-GIS Integration
Records Management
Ensure data integrity with MAOP records research and verification, records mining, and document migration.
MAOP Records Verification
Research, Indexing & Scanning
Docmuent Managment, Systems Implementation, and Population
Data Conversion and Records Mining
Field Services
Construction Survey, As-Built Surveys: In-Field to GIS, Leak & Exposure Surveys, Class Location Surveys, Close Interval Surveys, Welding Inspections, Route Correction & Improvement.
Construction Survey
As-Built Surveys: In-Field to GIS
Leak and Exposure Surveys
Class Location Surveys
Close Interval Survey
Welding Inspections
Route Colection & Improvement