Global Information Systems has developed an application for the railroad industry that enhances emergency response during hazmat incidents. H-TRAM users (Hazmat Transportation Analytical Risk Model) can fully integrate emergency data and response efforts within the RailResponse application, creating a common data source for crucial information.


RailResponse uses track centerline data coupled with information on building occupancy within a 1000-foot corridor surrounding the route in order to provide the most accurate situational awareness information available and help responders make informed and effective decisions. 



  • Tablet and phone-based application for emergency response scenarios. 
  • Notifies users of blocked crossings and shows location of trains.
  • Uses initial isolate and protect distances for safety zone delineation.
  • Users can download and store location of Emergency Responders, including Fire, Ambulance, Police and Hospitals.
  • Multiple basemaps available with aerial imagery and topographic maps, including onboard GIS capabilities.
  • H-TRAM integration with Risk Mitigation and Response to provide detailed structure information on population density for strategic evacuation planning and response. 
  • Buffer capabilities for liquid spills and plume modeling for gas releases to evacuation zones are based on hazardous material characteristics - additional functionality accounts for weather conditions, such as wind, if connected.

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