Global Information Systems introduces its new tablet-based electronic data collection package for the Rail Industry. RailPatrol is designed specifically for track inspections and features state-of-the-art moving map displays, digital report collection, and auditing capabilities. RailPatrol helps you accurately complete, track, and store inspection reports.



  • Map Display with Optional Aerial Photo or Topographic Map Background
  • Provides Access to Physical Characteristics such as Grade, Curvature, and Crossing Information
  • Easy Links to Related Documents such as Track Charts and Val Plans

Data Collection

  • GPS Coordinate Capture with Onboard or Blue-Toothed Devices
  • Captures and Attaches Digital Photos for Reports
  • Date, Time, and Location Tracking
  • Proof of Completed Inspections


  • Integrates with Back-End Systems - GIS, EAM, or RailForms
  • Auto-Generates Inspection Forms for Full-Asset Inspections
  • Incorporates §213 Track Defect Codes
  • Exceeds the Requirements of §213.241 Inspection Records


  • Tablet Deployment
  • Lightweight Form Factor
  • Connected or Disconnected Operation
  • Optional Mounting Capability for Track Inspection Vehicles

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