GForms® streamlines complex work activities, transforming work processes and their documentation requirements into simple, guided user tasks. Eliminate the hassle of redundant paperwork, filing, storage, and maintenance. Start collecting your pipeline and facility data consistently today. Search, analyze, and report out your information in real time with this comprehensive platform that makes complete and accurate data collection a reality.


GForms® is designed to operate seamlessly in both connected and disconnected modes. Every day thousands of users gather pipeline data from virtually anywhere and flawlessly synchronize their reports and inspections with the GForms® master application whenever they have connectivity. As a field technician, getting your next assignment is as easy as opening your inbox where forms are already prepped and await your completion.

Whether in the office or in the field, GForms® empowers your team with the convenience to use the platform or mobile device that is right for them; the ease of answering only questions that are relevant; mapping and location data whenever they need it; the ability to take photos and turn them into sketches; and the confidence that absolutely everything they collect will securely and automatically be delivered to its destination.

GForms provides rapid data collection and dissemination serving the In-Field Inspector, Middle Manager, and Office Executive.

With the GForms® Form Designer you can professionally develop your own, unique and data-aware templates from scratch or simply modify a copied template from the vast GForms® Pipeline Template Library. Once you have your template ready and linked to your corporate data, you can launch your custom data collection workflow to a chosen set of users and require their reports and inspections to go through an automated approval process.

GForms® contains built in integration points for third-party software and database management systems that allow you to instantly create a live connection or import information into GForms® from a variety of sources for use in field validations, filtered drop-downs, or even lookup table calculations. Export the data you collect or connect live to third-party EAM systems and GIS models such as APDM, PODS, the new Atlas Platform™, or Esri’s UPDM.

Use the GForms® Web Portal to monitor work processes in real time, intuitively query for data individually or across your whole system, investigate trends, generate statistics, and build and export reports all within in the attractive GForms®standard dashboard.

GForms® closes the loop between the office and the field, making every work task a guided process and every activity instantly traceable, automatically verifiable, and always complete.

Finally, a truly out of the box solution that reduces overtime and delivers a more efficient, integrated, and connected workforce.

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