Global Web Portal


Global Web Portal, Global’s next generation Web Portal, along with our various modules, creates a vibrant, data-aware environment where managers and stakeholders can plan, track in real time, visualize, audit, and close-out pipeline and facility construction and integrity related projects. With Global Web Portal, your company can achieve accurate daily collection of all your pipeline activities and track progress via integrated mapping functionality that shows the locations and status of all activities. Global Web Portal allows you to track and ensure proper documentation on inspections, assessments, corrective actions, remediations, and threat reduction activities with real time data from field inspections of pipeline, cathodic protection, encroachments, and many more.

Global Web Portal leverages the power of the GForms® iOS platform to create a simple-to-use application for daily operational documentation. The further integration of Global’s Project Packager™ application makes Global Web Portal the one-stop, go-to solution for tracking and compliance on projects in the pipeline right-of-way.

When integrated with our CPM module, Global Web Portal utilizes a standard project management hierarchy organized into programs, projects, pipelines, and facilities within a streamlined user interface to provide users easy access to project criteria. The Global Web Portal portal reporting engine incorporates intuitive drill-down reporting on each phase of pipeline and facility construction and integrity activity.

Utilizing the latest technology, Global Web Portal employs a time-tested pipeline construction sequence to track progress through clearing, grading, trenching, stringing, lowering in, backfill, and restoration. In addition to these customary pipeline construction stages, Pulse collects information and tracks progress on field bends, horizontal directional drilling, bores, road cuts, and tie-ins.

With Global Web Portal, each stage of construction can be visualized through consolidated charting and mapping features; documents can also be uploaded to, and associated with, specific phases of the project through the integrated with Project Packager™ functionality.

Don’t be satisfied with an overall completion guestimate. With Global Web Portal you can know the exact progress of every aspect of your project at any time and you can be assured that all documentation requirements are complete.

Global Web Portal Modules:

  • GForms®
  • Project Pulse™
  • ROW Patrol
  • Project Packager™
  • Global Reporter
  • MVP (Materials Verification)
  • Work Management
  • Land Acquisition
  • Corrosion Threat Reduction