Atlas Platform

With the Atlas Platform, integrating your enterprise systems is seamless and self-sustaining.

The Atlas Integration Platform is Global's newest innovation for the pipeline transmission industry. Atlas represents the culmination of Global's design philosophy - simplicity is vital to the successful implementation of technological solutions.


Atlas leverages spatial relationships between pipeline assets based on how they exist in the real world with a simple architecture that utilizes connectivity rules to maintain data quality while allowing for easy situational tracing and flow analysis. The platform's strategy relies on SQL spatial types that conform to OGC standards - such as Oracle SDO_Geometry, ESRI ST_Geometry, or SQL Server Geometry - to dynamically report data for 3rd party applications & data analysis.


  • Enhanced Workflows: The ATLAS Platform is compatible with any GIS software. Operators do not need to conform their data models to the platform. ATLAS can effectively work with any model in order to capture data. Organizations that utilize AutoCAD Map, ArcGIS, or even OpenGIS can implement the ATLAS platform to more effectively manage transmission and distribution assets.
  • Vendor Neutrality: The driving factor behind the creation of the ATLAS platform was to eliminate the barriers that kept necessary and timely information from stakeholders and a fully vested public. This necessitated a solution that could operate independent of corporate interests. Organizations that currently utilize GIS software or those that might be looking to transition to new models, like ESRI's UPDM, can implement the ATLAS platform now.
  • Ease of Integration: The ATLAS Platform allows users to dynamically view and export data from PODS- and APDM-compliant schema formats. Because the platform can be registered as a series of ArcSDE feature classes and tables, it is easily integrated with Maximo SDE connectors. Any EAM software can connect through the database to the underlying tables and views, making integration with asset-management systems simple.
  • Simplified Field Data Collection: The ATLAS Platform is capable of working alongside existing workflows, allowing data to be collected without interruptions to standing business models. Survey data is easily migrated into ATLAS for ease of integration with construction and engineering information. Operators who are interested in implementing the ATLAS Platform are not required to have solutionspecific hardware. With ATLAS, users have the freedom to utilize GPS devices, tablets, and location-aware mobile phones.

Atlas brings greater value to users by:

  • Reducing the amount of non-asset data
  • Enabling cross-vendor pipeline asset management
  • Reducing redundant attribute maintenance
  • Enabling cross-vendor pipeline asset management
  • Eliminating dependence on industry standard data models
  • Eliminating the need for data maintenance software
  • Integrating with all Esri functionality from mobile & desktop to web