Track the identification of potential class changes and confirm any necessary mitigation action with this intuitive workflow management system. Global Workflow manages your business processes through the organization of users, groups, and permissions.


Track changes statistically and view them based on average, minimum, and maximum dwell times or limit workflow tracking to an identified subset of changes. Workflow is readily accessible form an Overview Page that serves as an entry point for users and displays the number of changes currently residing in each task. Automated notifications and reminders are sent to responsible users, groups, or managers as changes occur.

Class Calculation Review

Validate input data, calculate, and detect class changes. Flag potential class changes that require more data. Changes can be configured to flow into this section from class calculations and change detection software, or they can be returned to it from downstream tasks requiring additional information or data updates.

  • Rejected changes are flagged and retired from the system.
  • Validated changes are sent to the Require Study workflow section or are flagged as accepted, integrated into the system, and retired from the system.


Track the mitigation decision process and action for an accepted change. Changes follow different tracks based on the mitigation decision. When a mitigation action is decided upon, the change is automatically integrated into the official class data set. Changes remain in on of the mitigation tracks until the decided-upon action are verified and flagged as completed.

Required Study

Track the determination of whether or not the pipe is commensurate for the proposed class. This senction includes review, input, and recommendations from individuals of several different departments. It allows for limited processing loops where changes can be sent back to certain tasks in the Calculation and Review Section. When all the required inputs and recommendations have been made, the changes flow into the Mitigation Decision Section of the workflow.



  • Automated Reminders
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • DOT Compliance
  • Web-based Access
  • Track Changes
  • Single Source Location

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