Our business mission is to be the premier technology provider for the energy industry. 

We are dedicated to developing configurable software solutions that leverage the best technologies so that we can guarantee complete customer satisfaction. This dedication has led to our rapid growth and solid position within the pipeline transmission industry, and it has also served as the foundation for our recent expansion into the rail industry.

Our strategy is simple.

We provide services that utilize our own products and those of other industry leaders to make our clients successful. In short, our services support our products and our products make our services the best in the industry.

  • Our Class and HCA calculators are the fastest and most flexible because we use them ourselves.
  • Our Workflow tools for Class, HCA, and M(A)OP calculations have saved our clients millions of dollars by re-organizing their business processes to bring disparate stakeholders for real-time decision making.
  • Our Field Data Collection System is the industry's most user-friendly and robust tool because we listen to our users during the design process. 
  • Our Global Reporter tool safely gathers and intuitively presents information from multiple corporate database management systems to facilitate cross-discipline analyses and integrate disparate systems to produce new efficiencies.
  • Our data analysis and reporting tools support thousands of industry users and are designed to simplify complex workflows while virtually connecting the office and the field. 


Our method is integral. 

We have been specializing in systems integration since our inception, and we have partnered with our clients to integrate multiple GIS systems, database management systems, asset management systems, project management systems, document management systems, SCADA systems, CAD systems, drawing management systems, GPS systems, integrity management systems, and project planning systems. Global's team of experts has successfully integrated our field data collection, DOT calculators, workflows, and cross-platform reporting systems up through the enterprise. We have also led projects to integrate and often support other third-party vendor solutions for web mapping, alignment sheet generation, centerline editing and maintenance, as-builting, cross-platform reporting, and route analysis. 


Our history is proven.

We have a history of selecting, implementing, and supporting the best set of breed solutions to help our clients succeed. We believe that innovative value solutions can only be achieved through the integration of the best systems out there, and we believe that showing our clients on how to access and implement these systems is our duty as premier industry consultants. 

Our clients are some of the industry's largest pipeline transmission companies - many of them have worked with us since the beginning and continue to seek us out when they need innovative solutions.

We look forward to serving you with the same level of dedication.