Global Information Systems was formed in 2006 from a diverse core of professionals with over 100 years of pipeline industry knowledge that has grown to well over 150 industry professionals in five locations across the US. We combine the benefits of an experienced company with a fresh and modern structure, management, and customer-delivery style.

Our History

We have a history of providing expert technological solutions and consulting services to the pipeline industry and, more recently, the rail industry. Within these disciplines, we concentrate on innovative value solutions that utilize Geographic Information Systems, design and drafting systems, data and records management systems, and field data collection systems and services to help our customers solve some of their biggest challenges. Global’s differentiator is that we don’t just provide these services, we innovate ways to bring greater value to industries that we serve. 

Our software products offerings come from our roots in the pipeline industry and our deep understanding of data management - especially spatial data management. Much of what distinguishes our product and services offerings from other industry providers is our development philosophy. We believe in developing tools that enable real vendor independence. To that end, we build our tools such that our customers can fully utilize them independently of our services if that is their desire. We believe in bringing the power of data access to all users, and to do that our tools must close the loop between the office and the field. Foremost, we believe our tools should allow users to do their job more efficiently and pleasurably without the need to be data entry clerks, complex software gurus, or GIS analysts.

Anyone who has worked with companies in a rapidly growing sector - like the Pipeline Transmission Industry - knows that good management is essential. The people at Global are professional, intelligent, and attentive which made working with them an enjoyable and profitable experience for us.

Our Achievements

We boast expertise in all facets of GIS and georelational databases as well as extensive experience in the design of products for use on multiple platforms, including both CAD and GIS As-Builting. Our extremely efficient raster-to-vector conversion process and our historical data capture technology allows our customers to update and modernize how they collect and store company data for pennies on the dollar.

Our considerable experience in Windows, iOS, Web, and Mobile development means that our solutions can be configured for any and all types of users, from field technicians to corner-office executives. This user-centric approach is an extension of our dedication to our customers and forms the core of our software development methodology. Our application architects can design out-of-the-box and custom solutions for your company, ranging from stand alone applications and user-configurable products to enterprise management systems.

  • Service provider to America's largest pipeline companies.
  • Software provider to 4000 office and field users.
  • We help our customers safely transport 30,000,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas and petroleum daily.
  • Processing 250,000 field inspection reports annually.
  • 210,000 miles of Class/HCAs determined annually.

Our Partners

We recognize that solving complex problems requires collaboration, which is why we emphasize teamwork within our offices and partner with organizations to exchange industry knowledge and ensure that we are providing you with the best solutions possible. 

Global Information Systems, LLC is proud of its history of providing outstanding products and services to the pipeline transmission industry. Our company's deep commitment to complete customer satisfaction has enabled us to grow, debt free, to over 150 team members in five locations who have successfully completed over 400 projects in our short eight-year history. 

Global was built by a core of established professionals with principled experience who came together out of a shared appreciation for the value of truly innovative solutions. Our leadership, management, project and technical leads, and supervisors are pipeline industry professionals with a minimum of 12 years' experience to over 40 years of experience in the industry.