RailForms is a comprehensive data collection, reporting, and analysis system for railroads that reduces operating costs and improves operator efficiency. By transforming complex work activities into simple user experiences, RailForms software helps you streamline your rail operations, eradicate redundancy, and ensure the consistency of your asset data. 


Web-base access 

allows multiple users in various geographic locations to work simultaneously. 

Disconnected Mode

allows users in the field to work seamlessly, whether connected to or disconnected from the internet.

Compliance Audit Trail

ensures additions and changes to your data are immediately accessible, tracked, and stored until you need them. 

RailForms Designer

enables independent creation and customization of data collection forms.

Sketch Functionality

allows users to take pictures of rail conditions and safety hazards to ensure rail integrity, including options to sketch and take notes.

Front-side Validation

ensures the integrity of collected data. 


Additional SPECS

  • Disconnected Mapping Capabilities
  • Hosted Software as Service Options
  • Email Notifications
  • GPS Integration
  • Approval Workflow for Multiple Users
  • Image/PDF Attachment Functionality
  • Full Integration with RailResponse and RailPatrol Applications

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