Our software development specialists have teamed up with rail experts and an excellent staff of geospatial analysts in order to bring you software that solves real issues faced by operators, managers, and executives in the rail industry. Our software products can help your rail line collect asset data, track the conditions along a line, safely handle hazardous materials, and effectively respond to hazmat incidents. 


RailForms is our comprehensive tool for data collection, reporting, and analysis. Designed specifically for gathering data along railroads, Rail Forms can be used to track asset data across your entire organization, delivering real-time information to operators and reducing costs while improving efficiency. Whenever coded, regulations, policies, maps, drawings, or charts are updated, trust Rail Forms to automatically notify your operators, keeping them informed no matter where they are.


Rail Patrol is our tablet-based electronic data collection package that is designed to help your rail line collect important data and manage track inspections. Designed specifically for the rail industry, Rail Patrol incorporates state-of-the-art moving map displays, digital report collection, and auditing features. Capable of running on one device, Rail Patrol ensures that your railroad can accurately demonstrate inspection record compliance.



Designed to work with H-TRAM, Rail Response enhances emergency response during hazmat incidents. This tool fully integrates emergency data and response efforts, creating a common data source for crucial emergency information. Using track centerline data coupled with demographic information from a 1000-feet corridor surrounding the route, Rail Response provides timely and accurate situational awareness information to help responders make informed and accurate operational decisions.

Track Charts are a fundamental tool for engineering and operations personnel at railroads. Containing a wealth of infrastructure information, staff can better understand the specific conditions along a line. Our software can generate track charts automatically based on information stored in a railroad's facilities database, which allows you to reissue them as soon as revised data becomes available. Users can then access track data through an online viewer that can be customized to their particular needs.

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