We combine our expert software development with a proven history of delivering exceptional service solutions to our customers in the pipeline transmission industry. Our excellent staff of geospatial analysts work diligently to bring you software that solves real issues faced by Operators, Managers, and Oil & Gas Executives. Make sure you check out our featured software products below and explore our full suite of software above. If you are looking for a software tool to help you collect, manage, and store pipeline asset and facility data, we have a solution for you.


GForms® streamlines complex work activities, transforming work processes requirements into simple user tasks. Eliminate the hassle of redundant paperwork, filing, storage, and maintenance and start collecting your pipeline and facility data consistently today. Search, analyze, and report out your information in real time with this comprehensive platform that makes complete and accurate data collection a reality.

GDOT Calculator

GDOT Calculator is a full-service tool designed to simplify and expedite DOT Class and HCA identification and change detection. With broad database compatibility, user-specified tracking, analysis tools, and configurable parameters for standard calculations, GDOT Calculator is your answer to Class and HCA requirements.


Project Pulse

Global’s next generation Web Portal creates a vibrant, data-aware environment where managers and stakeholders can plan, track, visualize, audit and close out pipeline construction and integrity related projects in real time. With Pulse, your company can achieve accurate daily collection of all your pipeline’s activities and track progress via integrated mapping functionality that shows the locations and status of all activities.

Global Reporter

Originally designed to afford operators the independence to build and publish their own reports, Global Reporter™ has evolved into an exceptionally flexible tool for effective and traceable cross-platform reporting in real time. Global Reporter™ can simultaneously query across multiple Oracle and MS SQL Server instances without ever jeopardizing data integrity to deliver complex reports from live data at the press of a button.

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